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Pearls Of Wisdom From Dr. Yuliya

Is CBD safe during pregnancy? Check your facts here!

These days, it's gaining momentum in the world of health and wellness. You'll find it in everything from skin creams and cosmetics to foods, drinks and even sleep aids. If you guessed that I'm talking about CBD, you're right. But what exactly is CBD? And is CBD safe...

Are tampons safe for your teen?

If you’re mom to a girl between the ages of 11 - 13, you may be getting ready to have your first mom-daughter period talk! But what if you have questions? Like… Are tampons safe for teens? How about menstrual cups? Should my daughter only use pads until she’s older or...

Yeast infection remedies: What works and what doesn’t

It’s 2 am and you just woke up with severe vaginal burning and itching. “I seriously cannot have a yeast infection right now!” you think to yourself as you jump out of bed, panicked. Oh, but you can. It may be the middle of the night, but like most women who suffer...

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