Menopause Specialist In NYC

Menopause is a normal, natural event that eventually happens to all women, but it affects each woman uniquely. It is important to realize that each woman is different, and that social and cultural differences can have an impact not only on the way women experience menopause and view treatments, but also their future health and well-being. Risk factors for various medical conditions, patterns of disease, therapies and norms related to femininity and aging all differ among groups and individuals.

Visit Our New York Menopause Center

Dr. Boruch will provide you with an individual approach to the various changes that go on from peri-menopause through the post-menopausal period. She will evaluate your personal and family health history, health concerns, current problems, current drugs and health remedies (including various compound hormonal preparations), physical activity and social activities (including smoking and alcohol intake). She’ll then implement an individual plan for your evaluation. Once you have reviewed her plan, she’ll discuss potential treatments that would match your needs and concerns.

Health Care After 50

Our health care for women over 50 includes osteoporosis screening and bone health management, mammogram referral and breast examination, annual health check including Pap smear and STD screen, and cholesterol screening.

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