Well Woman Gynecology

Well Woman Gynecology In New York City

Monitoring your health and well-being is our top priority. The main premise of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that every woman should have access to cancer preventative services for cervical cancer and breast cancer, as well as contraception. Our wellness preventative program is designed to encourage good health and early detection of diseases. We here at Boruch Midwifery PC truly believe that the key to wellness is the early detection of diseases. We offer a full range of Well Woman gynecology services to women of all ages.

Our Well Woman Gynecology Screenings

  • Annual Well Woman Screening for cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction and diabetes
  • Bone densitometry for early detection of osteoporosis
  • Pap test for cervical cancer screening and diagnosis/treatment for precancerous lesions of the cervix
  • Annual breast exam for early detection of breast disease

Other Well Woman Gynecology Services

  • Family planning
  • Complete STD testing and treatment
  • Vaginitis diagnosis and treatment
  • Sexual dysfunction diagnosis and counseling
  • Menstrual irregularity diagnosis and treatment
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pelvic pain
  • Evaluation and treatment of vulvar pain
  • Pediatric and teen gynecology
  • Infectious disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Pre-invasive cancer screening and treatment
  • Menstrual cycle regulation
  • Diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders
  • Treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome