VIP GYN Concierge services (Private GYN visit)

 This service is provided to meet the needs of public figures, celebrities, high-profile individuals or anyone who desires a private gynecological visit. Tired of paparazzi and sneaking or hiding at the back door from annoying fans while trying to live a normal life?

We provide these services when no other patients are in the office and at the time/date convenient to you.  The visit includes consultation, comprehensive exam, ultrasound and necessary laboratory tests (separate lab fee applies). Plus, you will have an online/text access to Dr. Yuliya Boruch to ask any questions that might arise after your visit.

FLAT FEE: $3000

Pick your most convenient date and time for appointment and complete the form below. You must pay the full session fee to be booked for your private concierge visit. The fee in non-refundable is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.